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Archived Shows


Thursday Oct. 3 Michael Connelly

Wednesday Oct 2 Walter J. Burien

Tuesday Oct 1  Paul Pantone

Monday Sept 30 Wil Spencer


Friday Sept 27 V.K. Durham

Thursday Sept 26 John Kaminski

Wednesday Sept 25 Flo Jo Mason

Her family evicted and kept from her home

by government Falsifying documents

Tuesday Sept 24  Gordon Duff

Veterans Today

Monday Sept. 23 Stew Webb

Friday Sept. 20 Joe Cortina

:  :  www// 

hursday Sept 19 Gordon Klingenschmitt

Dr. Chaps Chaplin fighting for Jesus

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Wednesday Sept 18 Erich Pratt

Gun Owners of America

Tuesday Sept. 17  Eli James

 "Mystery Babylon, the New World Order Unveiled"

Monday Sept.16 Stan Hess

College and professional sports

Friday Sept.13 VK Durham

Thursday Sept 12 Daniel Keach Jr.

Wednesday Sept 11 J.B. Campbell

Tuesday Sept. 10 John Kaminski

The real axis of evil

Killing the World Right Before Our Eyes

Monday Sept. 9 V.K. Durham




Friday Sept. 6 Clay Douglas The New Free American & Preston James

Jim McCanney on the coming Power Outages


Wednesday Sept. 4  Stew Webb

2 + 2 = Israel nuked the WTC on 9/11

Vladimir Putin’s Message To Obama

Tuesday Sept. 3 Bill Harrison

Monday Sept. 2  Mark Elsis

Friday Aug. 30 Dr. Rebecca Carley

Thursday Aug 29 Jay Gutierrez

Wednesday Aug. 28 Wil Spencer - Author

"The Underlying Cause of the Unconscious Conspiracy" Against Our Health!

Tuesday August 27  Keith Broaders

The Constitution Club

Monday August 26 Paul Pantone

GEET  International

Is a GEET carburetor Illiegal in the USA?

Friday August 23 Clay Douglas

Liberty Villages - Too Late or our last Resort?

Thursday August 22 James Fetzer

Veterans Today Reporter

Wednesday August 21 Gordon Duff?

Veterans Today Editor

Tuesday August 20 Stew Webb

Israel secretly targeting US war veterans

Monday Aug. 19 Marc Berlin

Friday Aug 16 Meet Lucifer

45 years ago Clay Douglas wrote a short story called

The Future Past.  After forty years of research tat turned into a screenplay for HBO and will be a novel finished and released this year. Today's show was the beginning!

Thursday Aug 15 V.K. Durham




Wednesday Aug 14 Dr. Kevin Barrett

Hear his debate with Lee Kaplan n  over About the arrest of 5 year old Palestinians for throwing a rock. Hear my debate with the same asshole here! Free American Interviews Lee Kaplan 11/12/08 11/18/08.
Hear Lee Kaplan Lie and Explode.,%2011-12.mp3,%2011-18.mp3

Tuesday Aug. 13 Clay Douglas & Deborah Taveras

Monday Aug. 12 John and Bonnie Mitchell

Friday Aug. 9 William Croft

Thursday Aug 8  Dr. True Ott

Wednesday Aug 7 Eli James Co-Author

 "Mystery Babylon, the New World Order Unveiled"

Tuesday Aug. 6 Deborah Taveras

Monday Aug 5  J.B. Campbell

Friday Aug 2 Dr. Jake Wade

Timothy Bible College

Thursday Aug. 1 Maggie rose

Active Duty Army  Nurse

Former republic radio host

Wednesday July 31 V.K. Durham


Tuesday July 30 Clay Douglas

What do we face and how do we proceed?

Monday July 29\\David Shurter

Friday July 26 Timothy Bible College

Guest pastor Chuck Baldwin

2nd Hour Paul Topete Pokerface Band.

Thursday July 25   Steve Olsher:

America's Reinvention Expert

Author of  "What is Your What"

and "Journey to You"

Wednesday July 24  Doc Marquis

Tuesday July 23  Dr. Peter Lindemann


Monday July 22  Wayne Walton

Friday July 19 Paul Glover

Ithaca Hours

Thursday July 18  Harrell Rhome

Harrell's New Book


Wednesday July 17  John Kaminski

Tuesday July 16 Tami Pepperman:

Monday July 15 Stephan Lendman

Friday July 12 Dr. Jake Wade

Timothy Bible College

Thursday July 11 Gordon Duff

Editor - Veterans Today

Wednesday  July 10 Keith Broaders

Constitution Club

Archived Shows

Tuesday July 9 V.K. Durham The Durham Trust

Redeeming Lawful Money

Obama Quote on Independence Day!

2nd hour 10:00 Dr. Rebecca Carley

Monday July 8  Clay Douglas

Friday July 5 Clay Douglas, V.K. Durham &

Dr. Jake Wade

Timothy Bible College

Thursday July 4 Clay Douglas Fourth of July

Wife of Edgar Steele to Hold Press Conference and Release Documentary Film on Eve of Her Husband’s Ninth Circuit Appellate Hearing will give us an update this morning:

& Keith Broaders of the Constitution Club

Tuesday June 25  Michael Connelly . Michael is the author of "The Mortarmen"

a book about his father's unit in WWII; "

Riders in the Sky: The Ghosts and Legends Of Philmont Scout Ranch", his novel "Amayehli: A Story of America", and the newly released "America's Liveliest Ghosts"  He has also written a booklet on the U.S. Constitution that highlights each section and amendment the way it was originally written. He adds his comments about what they all truly mean. This is a pocket size booklet that every patriotic American should own and distribute to friends and relatives. Find out more and how to order it at:  www. .

Monday June 24  Clay Douglas on Liberty Villages

The Monster in the closet is Monsanto!

Friday June 21 Clay Douglas The Protocols!

 2nd Hour Dr. Jake Wade Timothy Bible College

Wednesday June 19 J.B. Campbell

Tuesday June 18 Paul Topete Pokerface Band.

Thursday June 13 Gordon Duff

Veterans Today Majestic 13

US dictatorship and its free fall

US military sliding in terms of morals

sense of duty

Wednesday June 12 Larry Pratt 1/2 hour

Gun Owners of America



Highlighting Flaws in Britain’s Strict Gun Control Laws

John Kaminski Gays banned in Russia!

Gays banned in Russia!

Tuesday June 11 Orly Taitz

Defend Our Freedoms Institute

Monday June 10 Phyllis Schlafly 9:00 AM


Gang of Eight’s Immigration Proposal Is a Betrayal

Friday June 7 Jonathan Grey

Ten years’ research uncovers:
secrets of our planet DURING the Great Disaster

Thursday June 6 Christy McGlothlin 2nd Hour

FAITH-BASED FILMS CONTINUE UPWARD TREND: Inspirational Film, "DREAMER,” Portrays a Modern Day Joseph and his Coat of Many Colors

Wednesday June 5 Bill Frady

Lock and Load with Bill Frady

The blunt object broadcast that attempts to reach out to Americans and explain the difference between engaging and spectating.

Brad  Dacus - Boy Scouts, Kindergartener banned from praying in school

Monday June 3 John Henry Rahmfeld Jr.

Drug Smuggling in Texas National Guard

Friday May 31 Michael Vilardi

Criminal Investigator for IRSS

Served 22 years with the IRS

Is now here to work for you

Thursday May 30 Gordon Duff

Veterans Today

US dictatorship and its free fall

Wed. May 29 J. Michael Thomas Hays

Author - "The Culling of Man!"

Tuesday May  28 Jay Gutierrez

Monday May 27

FARM PHYSICS: A New Cure and More! @

A New Cure for Cancer & everything else (at) (and)

Friday May 24 Dr. Jake Wade

Timothy Bible College

"Evidences of dumbing down" from Daniel 12

Thursday May 23 Eli James

Wednesday May 22 Dennis Fetcho

The Illuminatus Observer

Tuesday May 21 Stew Webb


Monday May 20 Clay Douglas

It Can't Happen Here?

The War on Drugs - The War on Terror are

Wars on the American People and our Bill of Rights! Clay books show it can and is! Buy a book

Inside the Eye with Dennis Fetcho

Friday May 17 Dr. Jake Wade

Timothy Bible College

Andrew Mangione

Amac - The Association of Mature American Citizens

Wednesday May 15 Lowell Ponte

High Paying to Low Paying Jobs w/o Benefits

new book: “The Great Debasement"

Gordon Klingenschmitt

Monday May 13

FARM PHYSICS: A New Cure and More! @ and

A New Cure for Cancer & everything else (at) (and)

Friday May 10 Dr. Jake Wade
Timothy Bible College

Thursday May 9:


Wednesday May 8: John DeNugent

Tuesday May 7 John Kaminski

Monday May 6 John Hammell


Friday May 3 Dr. Jake Wade

Timothy Bible College

 Thursday May 2 Ken O'Keefe

Dr. Rebecca Carley

Tuesday April 30 David Kaas

Monday April 29 Jay Gutierrez

Friday April 26 Clay Douglas on the

Marijuana Conspiracy

The Root of the police State. The War on Drugs.

The True history of Marijuana.

Thursday  April 25

Wednesday April 2444 Gordon Duff